April 14, 2012

teach me tiger

hello dears,

thought I might present you my newest discovery, I've taken notice of it cos of the new ad from Triumph.
'm sure you ought to know this beautiful song :) have fun:

Mrs. Tweet

my little ditty

First I need to apologize for my sporadic posts,
but I'm acutally very busy cos of illness (don't worry, I'm feeling better now),
working, learning for my exams and so on...
this time I couldn't make some outfit pix,
hope you'll understand,
but instead I've created a little ditty :D 
what gives me that idea? well...
I was lying in my bed, watching the new BBC movie called
"The Crimson Petal and the White", some of you may already know the novel,
and yeah that was it... 
while watching this it simply leapt into my head...
yeeees I'm kinda crazy hrrr
but okay... let's have a look, have fun:

so the man lay at her feet, 
begged for something to eat.
but she didn't give him anything,
just left for answering the ring.
and well, now he's gone,
without anything else getting done.
with drinking some wine,
he started spending his time.
now he's sunken,
cos he was too drunken.

what a pity, my little ditty.

Mrs. Tweet

April 08, 2012


 I just thought I should try a new colour and here u can see what I have chosen

under the impulse of the moment

Take a Ride

The Arrival

Let's Go To The Mall

Helllllooooo Shopping Mall


impulsively, expensive and funny

Just the spontaneous ideas could become the best memories of your life.